Gender equality

At the IfL, gender equality and balance of family and career are seen and supported as an essential guiding principle of successful work.
Our equality agenda is based at the following agreements and standards:

  • DFG Research-Oriented Standards on Gender Equality / download
  • Leibniz Equality Standards (in German only) / download
  • Guideline to Equal Opportunities in the Leibniz Association (in German only) / download
  • Equal Opportunity Standards and the Implementation Agreement to the GWK Agreement on Equality (AV-Glei) of 27 October 2008, as amended by the GWK on 22. April 2016. The AV-Glei is part of the annual grant for the IfL (in German only) / download

In accordance with the current gender distribution, the IfL's Equal Opportunities Plan defines measures to promote equality between women and men at all levels of hierarchy and function. Particular attention is paid to equal opportunities and gender parity in recruitment and promotion of young researchers. Flexible targeting rates based on the cascade model are decisive here. The Personnel Development Concept at IfL, developed jointly with the Equal Opportunity Officer, also contributes to the promotion of equal opportunities at the Institute.

Another goal of gender equality work is to create a work-life balance, in particular by making work hours and places more flexible and promoting women on their way to leadership positions, for example through individual training or participation in the Leibniz Mentoring Programme.

The senior and executive staff as well as all other employees are responsible for implementing the measures at the IfL. In gender equality work, the institute is supported by an Equal Opportunity Officer and her deputy, as well as their student assistant. The Equal Opportunity Officer advises the institute's management on issues of gender equality and is involved in structural issues and personnel measures. They support employees in matters of equal opportunities and family-friendly working conditions.

Dual Career Network Mitteldeutschland

The IfL has been a member of the Dual Career Network Mitteldeutschland since January 2011. It aims to help dual career couples integrate vocationally, ensuring inclusive and family-friendly staff development. To this end, the cooperation partners examine applications from other network participants in the Leipzig / Halle (Saale) region if there is a vacancy. Furthermore they agree to give the appropriately qualified life partner of a network member the opportunity to have a personal job interview.


Dr Kristine Beurskens
Equal Opportunity Officer
Tel.: +49 341 600 55-197

Cordula Wagner

Deputy Equal Opportunity Officer
Tel.: +49 341 600 55-162

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