IfL Report

IfL-Bericht 2010/2011

Every two years, the IfL documents its activities, research findings, publications, public relations, organizational structure etc. in detail. The IfL reports are freely available as pdf documents.

The current issue (2016/2017) can be downloaded here (pdf 3.6 mb)



10.12.2018 to 12.12.2018, Leipzig and Zerbst (Germany)

Workshop Invitation: Theorising Cities from/with a Global East

Leibniz Science Campus Eastern Europe – Global Area Thematic Workshop 


Pflug, Laura
From "All under Heaven" to "China in the World" : Chinese visual imaginations from the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. -
In: Mapping Asia: Cartographic encounters between East and West : regional symposium of the ICA Commission on the History of Cartography, 2017 / Martijn Storms, Mario Cams, Imre Josef Demhardt, Ferjan Ormeling, Editors. - Cham : Springer, 2019. (Lecture Notes in geoinformation and cartography), Seite 247-263
Rekhviashvili, Lela / Sgibnev, Wladimir
Placing transport workers on the agenda : the conflicting logics of governing mobility on Bishkek's marshrutkas. -
In: Antipode, 50 (2018), 5, Seite 1376-1395
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