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Vacancy, 9 September 2019

The Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography in Leipzig, Germany, invites applications for

Visiting fellows programme

(f/m/d) for the research project "Public Transport as Public Space: experiencing, contesting, narrating (PUTSPACE)". Applicants are welcome to apply for stays ranging from one to six months at one of the project’s partner institutions. The fellowship scheme is administered by the Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography, and financed by the German federal ministry for science and education as part of the 2019–2022 “Humanities in the European Research Area“ funding scheme.

The IfL conducts basic research on the regional geography of Germany and Europe and communicates its research findings to a wider public. Under the heading “Geographies of the Regional”, the institute develops perspectives on socio-spatial developments in a globalised society that is increasingly characterised by differences, diversity and complexity.

The PUTSPACE project examines public transport as one type of public space, and explores how public transport confronts citizens with social diversity, speaks of different types of ownership, surveillance, subversion, interaction and transformation of social norms (show details).

Visiting research fellowships

The fellowship scheme has been set up with the aim to reach out to wider publics, to support knowledge mobility in an emerging field, to strengthen the ties between interested academic and non-academic institutions, to stimulate knowledge production and transfer, and to create durable networks for making a positive impact for vibrant and inclusive European public spaces.

Both academic and non-academic candidates are encouraged to apply for the fellowship scheme. No regional or disciplinary restrictions apply. Research stays shall take place at one of the four project consortium institutions (or a combination thereof). Fellowship durations may vary from one to six months, depending on the ambition and scope of the individual projects. The fellows receive a monthly stipend intended to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

  • Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography, Leipzig (1.400 € per month)
  • Åbo Akademi University, Turku (1.700 € per month)
  • Tallinn University, School of Humanities, Tallinn (1.400 € per month)
  • Université Libre de Bruxelles, Brussels (1.500 € per month)

The fellows will be provided with an own working desk and have access to institutional libraries and other facilities. The hosting institutions will provide support for visa procurement, accommodation, etc.

The fellowships are explicitly output-oriented, i.e. should be developed with a precise goal in mind: joint publications, project applications, workshops, outreach products, exhibitions etc. Other innovative formats are welcome. These should align to the overall purpose of the PUTSPACE project, and make proof of the applicants‘ active engagement with individual and project-wide cooperation opportunities. Applicants are furthermore expected to actively participate in events at hosting institutions, and to deliver at least one public presentation in institute colloquia or a similar platform. Fellows are encouraged to organise workshops, develop research projects, contribute to teaching or engage in other activities that are in line with the aims of the project and the hosting institutions programmes.

We expect an ambitious, autonomous thinking and acting personality. Furthermore a maximum of initiative, ability to work in a team and readiness to innovate.

The IfL follows the goal of professional equality for all. Recognised persons with disabilities receive preference by equal qualification. We welcome applications from individuals with a migration background.

Your application

Please send your application package as a single pdf document via e-mail with the keyword:
Putspace fellowship to: t_weicker(at)

In order to apply, please submit an up to date curriculum vitae in 1-2 pages and a research and activity plan of not more than 1.500 words. This should lay down how your past and planned activities relate both to the PUTSPACE project, and to the envisioned hosting institution(s), and shall include a detailed outline of the projected final output in terms of joint publications, events, applications etc., as well as outline the planned activities during the fellowship and set the time schedule for carrying out those tasks. Applicants are encouraged to get in touch with PUTSPACE members directly prior to applying to discuss initial fellowship ideas.

By submitting the application, you consent to the processing of your personal data for the purpose of the application procedure.

Contact: Dr Tonio Weicker (+49 341 600 55-172, t_weicker(at)
Deadline for applications: 15th of October 2019

Following a notification within a month after this deadline, fellowships may begin from December 2019 onwards. The call will be reconducted on a six-monthly basis until the end of the project’s runtime by May 2022.

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Elias, Anwen / Szöcsik, Edina / Siegrist, Rahel / Miggelbrink, Judith / Meyer, Frank
Conceptual framework and contextualisation case study report. -
Aberystwyth, IMAJINE. 20 Seiten (IMAJINE Integrative mechanisms for addressing spatial justice and territorial inequalities in Europe ; D7.1)
Meyer, Frank
Subjekt, Dislokation und Territorium : eine Fallstudie zur subjektiven Wahrnehmung des Rückzugs territorialer Regulationsregime am Beispiel des Abbaus von Pfarrstellen in einer schrumpfenden ländlichen Region. -
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