Aura Moldovan



At the IfL since 09/2018

2014–2017: Early Stage Researcher at the Department of Geography, Babeş-Bolyai-University Cluj-Napoca, Romania (part of the EU funded RegPol2 project)

2011–2014: Master’s Studies in Sociology at the Technical University Darmstadt, Germany

2008–2011: Bachelor’s Studies in Sociology at the Babeş-Bolyai-University Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Research interests

Spatial sociology, human geography, processes of polarisation and peripheralisation, migration and demographic change
Regions: Central and Eastern Europe


"hin&weg" – Analytical visualization application for they study of urban and regional demographic change


Automatically generated list:
Dunkl, Anna / Moldovan, Aura / Leibert, Tim
Innerstädtische Umzugsmuster ausländischer Staatsangehöriger in Leipzig : Ankunftsquartiere in Ostdeutschland?. -
In: Stadtforschung und Statistik / 32 (2019) 2, Seite 60-68
Moldovan, Aura
Out-migration from peripheries : how cumulated individual strategies affect local development capacities. -
In: Regional and local development in times of polarisation: re-thinking spatial policies in Europe. - Singapore: Palgrave Macmillan, Seite 227-252
Moldovan, Aura
Peripherialisation as a result and driving force of territorial mobility in post-socialist Romania. -
In: European spatial research and policy / 24 (2017) 2, Seite 39-57
Benedek, József / Moldovan, Aura
Economic convergence and polarisation : towards a multi-dimensional approach. -
In: Hungarian geographical bulletin / Special issue on Peripheral inequalities, Seite 187-203
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Aura Moldovan
Leibniz-Institut für Länderkunde
Schongauerstr. 9
04328 Leipzig

Tel.: +49 341 600 55-103

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