Dr Lela Rekhviashvili


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At IfL since January 2016

2010–2015: PHD candidate at Doctoral school of Political Science, Public Policy and International Relations, Political Economy track, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary  

2013–2014: PhD Fellow at Leibniz Institute for Regional Geography, Leipzig, Germany

2012–2013: Research Fellow at Center for Social Sciences, Tbilisi, Georgia

2009–2010: MA studies in Political Science, Central European University, Budapest, Hungary

2007–2009: MA studies in Transition in South Caucasus at the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, Tbilisi State University, Center for Social Sciences 

Research interests

Political economy of development, post-socialist transition, institutional change and continuity, informal economic practices and informal institutions, urban development, politics of public space, social movements, migration and internal displacement


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Polese, Abel / Rekhviashvili, Lela
Introduction: Informality and power in the South Caucasus. -
In: Caucasus Survey, 5 (2017-00-00), 1, Seite 1-10
Polese, Abel / Rekhviashvili, Lela / Morris, Jeremy
Informal governance in urban spaces : power, negotiating and resistance among Georgian street vendors. -
In: Geography research forum, 36 (2016), Seite 15-32
Rekhviashvili, Lela
Counterbalancing marketization informally : Georgia's new-institutionalist reform and its discontents. -
In: Journal of contemporary Central and Eastern Europe, 2016
Rekhviashvili, Lela
Review: Postsocialism and informal economic : Jeremy Morris and Abel Polese (eds), The informal post-socialist economy: embedded practices and livelihoods, Routledge: New York, 2013. -
In: International sociology reviews, 31 (2016), 5, Seite 575-578
Rekhviashvili, Lela
The politics of helping : mobility support for internally displaces persons after the 2008 Russia-Georgia war. -
In: Journal of internal displacement, 5 (2015-00-00), 2, S. 2-18
Rekhviashvili, Lela
Marketization and the public-private divide : contestations between the state and the petty traders over the access to public space in Tbilisi. -
In: International journal of sociology and social policy. Special issue: Public space in post-Soviet cities, 35 (2015-00-00), 7/8, S. 478-496
Neugebauer, Carola S. / Rekhviashvili, Lela
Loss and (re-)construction of public space in post-Soviet cities : editorial. -
In: International journal of sociology and social policy. Special issue: Public space in post-Soviet cities, 35 (2015-00-00), 7/8
Rekhviashvili, Lela
Development and the role of the state : visions of post-revolutionary Georgian government. -
In: Caucasus social science review, 1 (2013-00-00), 1, 20 S.
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Dr Lela Rekhviashvili
Leibniz-Institut für Länderkunde
Schongauerstr. 9
04328 Leipzig

Tel.: +49 341 600 55-136

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