Anja Werner



At the IfL since 2017

2014 – 2017: Ökolöwe – Umweltbund Leipzig e.V., Leipzig
Divisional Head: Division of Environmental Politics and Protection, Environmental spokeswoman

2010 – 2014: International Area Studies at the Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg; graduate degree: Master of Science

2006 – 2009: Studies in Visual Arts, Music and Modern Media: Organisation and Presentation at the Philipps-Universität Marburg; graduate degree: Bachelor of Arts


Member of the Conservation Advisory Board of the City of Leipzig (since 2015)

Research interests

Political Geography, environmental protection, environmental legislation, knowledge transfer



Scientific publications

Automatically generated list:
Hauck, Jennifer / Schmidt, Jenny / Werner, Anja
Using social network analysis to identify key stakeholders in agricultural biodiversity governance and related land-use decisions at regional and local level. -
In: Ecology and society, 21 (2016-00-00), 2, Seite 49-64
Hauck, Jennifer / Görg, Christoph / Werner, Anja / Jax, Kurt / Bidoglio, Giovanni / Maes, Joachim / Furman, Eeva / Ratamäki, Outi
(December 2014)
Transdisciplinary enrichment of a linear research process : experiences gathered from a research project supporting the European biodiversity strategy to 2020. -
In: Interdisciplinary science reviews, 39 (2014-12-00), 4, Seite 376-391
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Anja Werner
Leibniz-Institut für Länderkunde
Schongauerstr. 9
04328 Leipzig

Tel.: +49 341 600 55-265

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