19.06.2017, Leipzig

Chains of Value – Chains of Power

EEGA Guest Lecture by Margarita M. Balmaceda 

05.05.2017, Leipzig

IfL Leipzig workshop

Applying recognition theory to migration studies and Central Eastern Europe – Axel Honneth’s critical theory and... 

18.06.2017 to 21.06.2017, Stockholm

Geographies of inequalities

IfL researcher Dr Nadir Kinossian, and Dr Thomas Niedomysl from the University of Lund are organising a session on... 

30.07.2017 to 06.08.2017, Glauchau, Saxony

Reinventing Industrial Culture – New Futures for the Palla

Transnational Summer School from 30 July until 6 August in Glauchau, Germany 

03.04.2017 to 09.04.2017, Vinnytsia, Ukraine

Urban Activism and Participatory Urban Planning in Central and Eastern Europe

Young scientists are invited to apply for the PhD Spring School in Vinnytsia (Ukraine) before 15 February 2017 

24.11.2016 to 26.11.2016, Leipzig (IfL)

Redefining cities in post-Soviet space

International conference from November 24 to 26 at IfL 

19.09.2016 to 23.09.2016, Velka Lomnica, Slowakei

Beyond disparities: strategies towards a balanced spatial development

The third RegPol² school will discuss strategies of spatial development that respond to the increasing polarisation in... 

14.07.2016 to 15.07.2016, IfL

Workshop on Innovation and Space

With the project Peripheral but Global: World Market Leaders outside of Agglomerations it is aimed to examine how... 

26.10.2015 to 30.10.2015, Leipzig

Empirical perspectives on Central and Eastern European polarisation processes and their analysis

The RegPol² project is organising the 2nd RegPol² school (26–30/10/2015, Leipzig) which is open to PhD students at the... 

31.01.2015 to 05.02.2015, Tartu

Scientific concepts of and policy approaches towards polarisation processes in Central and Eastern Europe

1st RegPol² school 01 – 06 February 2015 in Tartu 



No news in this list.

Press releases


Urban Eurasia

Cities in Transformation 


27.09.2017 to 29.09.2017, Leipzig

Coping with uneven development in Europe: Socio-economic and Political Responses to Regional Polarisation

International conference on current issues of socio-spatial polarisation in Europe – Registration now open! 

29.09.2017, Helsinki

Human Rights and the Arctic

The 7th symposium “Human Rights and Science” discusses the human rights dimension in the Arctic studies 

06.11.2017 to 07.11.2017, Leipzig, Germany

Self-positioning of Eastern European Societies in Global Relations

Interdisciplinary Conference on Conceptions of Space and Self-presentations in School Textbooks – Call for Papers 


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Kühn, Manfred / Lang, Thilo
Metropolisierung und Peripherisierung in Europa : eine Einführung. -
In: Europa regional/ 23.2015 (2017) 4. - Metropolisierung und Peripherisierung in Europa. - 2017, Seite 2-14
Kirndörfer, Elisabeth
Créolisation à l'Est? : la génération post-1989 en Allemagne. -
In: Chimères : revue des schizoanalyses , 90 (2017), Seite 111-122
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