25.06.2020 to 28.06.2020, Turku, Finland

Call for Papers "Globalising Eastern Europe"

The Leibniz ScienceCampus „Eastern Europe – Global Area“ (EEGA) is calling for paper proposals for its panel "Globalising Eastern Europe – New Perspectives on Transregional Entanglements of an often Neglected Region" at the Sixth European Congress on World and Global History “Minorities, Cultures of Integration, and Patterns of Exclusion” in Turku, 25 June – 28 June 2020.

EEGA invites academics, especially at PhD and postdoc level, to submit proposals (incl. title of the paper, abstract of 100 words, name, affiliation and e-mail) adressing the issues described in the panel abstract below. Proposals can be submitted until 2 December 2019 to leibniz-eega(at)ifl-leipzig.de.  

Panel Abstract

Eastern Europe has been an object of academic interest for very long and innovative research has been undertaken from many perspectives to address various facets of the region’s historical and contemporary development. Evidently, Eastern Europe, whether seen as a coherent region or as an assemblage of many regions with diverging interest and orientations, has never been investigated in a completely isolated manner. On the contrary, its role in international relations, its impact of the circulation of ideas and cultural patters, its contribution to a long history of migrations as well as its position in transregional trade and division of labour have been addressed by many scholars.

The debate about globalisation, however, has intensified the interest in such perspectives. Based on the research aims and agenda of the Leibniz ScienceCampus "Eastern Europe - Global Area" (EEGA), this panel aims at connecting the study of Eastern Europe with the study of global processes, both historically and for the most recent times. It brings together area expertise with recent trends in the fields of global history and transregional studies. At the heart of this panel is the question as to how Eastern European societies are positioning themselves in and towards global processes and conflicts.

Of particular interest here are the dynamics of global integration and the perspectives of those stakeholders championing these developments. Individual papers raise the question of the role of Eastern Europe in a globalizing world, if any, from a variety of disciplinary and temporal angles. They focus on the various scales at which border-crossing processes can be observed. Applying concepts of minority and minority positions, practices and narratives of inclusion, the studies explore processes such as migration and mobility, economic networks and political integration, as well as intercultural perspectives and identities.

The aim of the ENIUGH Congress is to bring together as many perspectives and case studies as possible so that a stimulating debate about interpretations across historical periods, about comparisons of spaces may emerge, leading towards greater sensibility for border-crossing entanglements and encounters. Accordingly, we invite paper proposals from all disciplines within the social sciences and humanities which approach the subject from a transnational or transregional perspective.

More information on the ENIUGH Congress 2020 on https://research.uni-leipzig.de/eniugh/congress/



12.12.2019, Weimar

Beyond civil society – political society, informality and resistance in post-Soviet cities

Guest lecture by IfL researcher Dr Lela Rekhviashvili at Bauhaus-Universität Weimar  

13.12.2019, Paris, France

OECD-KDI Workshop: Innovation diffusion across regions and firms

IfL researcher Dr Nadir Kinossian invited to participate in a panel session on regional innovation diffusion 

08.01.2020, New York, USA

Riding the Backlash Against Globalization

US Positioning Towards Russia's Role in the World 


Frühauf, Manfred (Herausgeber/-in) / Guggenberger, Georg (Herausgeber/-in) / Meinel, Tobias (Herausgeber/-in) / Theesfeld, Insa (Herausgeber/-in) / Lentz, Sebastian (Herausgeber/-in)
KULUNDA: climate smart agriculture : South Siberian agro-steppe as pioneering region for sustainable land use. -
Cham, Switzerland, Springer. xxvi, 522 Seiten (Innovations in landscape research)
Pflug, Laura
A view from inside: Chinese mapping of the world against the backdrop of colonial experience. -
In: Mapping empires: colonial cartographies of land and sea: 7th international symposium of the ICA commission on the history of cartography, 2018. - Cham, Switzerland: Springer, Seite 61-74
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