14.07.2016 to 15.07.2016, IfL

Workshop on Innovation and Space

With the project Peripheral but Global: World Market Leaders outside of Agglomerations it is aimed to examine how economically successful companies located in peripheral areas of Germany are embedded in translocal (global) networks and how they manage to create and maintain translocal knowledge flows in order to shape their innovation processes.

Departing from debates on the relation between innovation and space in economic geography, the workshop takes its starting point in recent relational and evolutionary concepts which overcome a static, rather placed-bound view on actors and innovation. Participants will discuss concepts of knowledge, networks and space, which are utilized in order to enhance the current understanding of dynamics in innovation processes. A second aim of the workshop is to discuss new quantitative and qualitative methodological and empirical approaches used to trace knowledge flows and relations of economic actors.

Workshop agenda

Thursday, 14 July 2016, 2 pm – 6pm

Friday, 15 July 2016, 9:30 am – 1 pm

  • Session on methodology and empirical approaches (2)
  • Discussion
  • Conclusions of the workshop

Project Team

Dr. Thilo Lang, Lukas Vonnahme


  • Prof. Ron Boschma, University of Utrecht, Netherlands
  • Dr. Anna Butzin, Institut Arbeit und Technik, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
  • Prof. Olivier Crevoisier, Université de Neuchâtel, Switzerland
  • Prof. Michael Fritsch, University of Jena, Germany
  • Prof. Johannes Glückler, University of Heidelberg, Germany
  • Dr. Markus Grillitsch, University of Lund, Sweden
  • Jun.-Prof. Anna Growe, University of Heidelberg, Germany
  • Prof. Sebastian Henn, University of Jena, Germany
  • Prof. Oliver Ibert, Leibniz Institute for Society and Space, Erkner, Germany
  • Dr. Magnus Nilsson, University of Lund, Sweden (tbc)
  • Prof. Richard Shearmur, McGill University, Canada



28.01.2020, Berlin

"Urban Activism in Eastern Europe"

Public discussion on 28 January 2020 at the Volksbühne Berlin / IfL researcher Lela Rekviashvili invited as co-discutant 

15.05.2020 to 16.05.2020, Leipzig, Germany

Call for Paper Proposals

Workshop "Conjunctural Geographies of Postsocialist and Postcolonial Conditions: Theory Thirty Years after 1989" 

16.09.2020 to 29.09.2020, Leipzig / Berlin

British Association for Slavonic and East European Studies (BASEES) Regional Conference

in conjunction with Leibniz ScienceCampus “Eastern Europe – Global Area” (EEGA) Results Conference 


Frühauf, Manfred (Herausgeber/-in) / Guggenberger, Georg (Herausgeber/-in) / Meinel, Tobias (Herausgeber/-in) / Theesfeld, Insa (Herausgeber/-in) / Lentz, Sebastian (Herausgeber/-in)
KULUNDA: climate smart agriculture : South Siberian agro-steppe as pioneering region for sustainable land use. -
Cham, Switzerland, Springer. xxvi, 522 Seiten (Innovations in landscape research)
Pflug, Laura
A view from inside: Chinese mapping of the world against the backdrop of colonial experience. -
In: Mapping empires: colonial cartographies of land and sea: 7th international symposium of the ICA commission on the history of cartography, 2018. - Cham, Switzerland: Springer, Seite 61-74
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