New Geographies of Europe

This series explores the production and reshaping of space from a comparative and interdisciplinary perspective. By drawing on contemporary research from across the social sciences, it offers novel insights into ongoing spatial developments within and between the various regions of Europe. It also seeks to introduce new geographies at the edges of the European Union and the interplay with bordering areas at the Mediterranean, African and eastern Asian interfaces of the EU. As a result, this book series acts as an important forum for themes of pan-European interest and beyond.


Dr. Thilo Lang is member of the editorial team (together with Sebastian Henn, Ray Hudson, Judit Timár). IfL researchers have been involved in all volumes published so far as publishers respectively authors.

Publisher / order

Palgrave Macmillan


Lang, Thilo / Görmar, Franziska (Ed.) (2019):
Regional and Local Development in Times of Polarisation
(open access)

Bruns, Bettina / Happ, Dorit / Zichner, Helga (Ed.) (2016):
European Neighbourhood Policy

Nadler, Robert / Kovács, Z. / Glorius, Birgit / Lang, Thilo (Ed.) (2016):
Return Migration and Regional Development in Europe

Wiest, Karin (Ed.) (2016):
Women and Migration in Rural Europe

Lang, Thilo / Henn, Sebastian / Ehrlich, Kornelia / Sgibnev, Wladimir (Ed.) (2015):
Understanding Geographies of Polarization and Peripheralization

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