Investors from the BRIC countries and workers interests in Germany

In fewer than twenty years, a quantitative and qualitative change has been noted with regard to direct investments from states of the global south, in particular regarding those from the so-called BRIC states (Brazil, Russia, India and China): where, in the past, companies from these countries primarily focussed their investment behaviour on countries of the same global region (the so-called South-South investments), the last years have seen an increasing trend toward investing in industrial countries, both in the form of participations in companies and by the development of own subsidiaries.

Owing to the fact that Germany presently either had no information regarding direct investments from the BRIC states or only insufficient information on these activities, yet bearing in mind that this will play an increasingly more important role in future, the project analysed the BRIC investments in Germany regarding their corporate objectives and strategies, their employment relevance and approach to the co-determination practice, as well as regarding the rights of employees and gender aspects. On this basis, the corresponding recommendations for action have been formulated. The target groups were trade unions, works councils and supervisory boards, as well as political decision-makers at different levels.


Golinski, Sophie / Henn, Sebastian (2015): Imperialisten, Spione oder Retter? Zur Charakterisierung von Direktinvestitionen aus Russland, Indien und China in deutschen Tageszeitungen. In: Zeitschrift für Wirtschaftsgeographie, Jg. 59, H. 1, S. 1-19

Bollhorn, Kai/ Golinski, Sophie / Franz, Martin (2014): Investitionen aus den BRIC-Staaten in Deutschland – Standortmuster und Standortfaktoren aus der Sicht der Investoren. In: Berichte: Geographie und Landeskunde, Jg. 88, H. 3/4, S. 337-352

Bollhorn, Kai/ Franz, Martin / Henn, Sebastian (2014): Kleine indische Investitionen in Deutschland - Das Beispiel eines indischen Dienstleistungsunternehmens. In: Standort - Zeitschrift für angewandte Geographie, Jg. 38, H. 1, S. 14-18

Golinski, Sophie / Henn, Sebastian / Franz, Martin / Bollhorn, Kai (2013): Direktinvestitionen aus den BRIC-Staaten in Deutschland. In: Nationalatlas aktuell, 7 (3. Juni 2013) 5 

For an overview of Russia's direct investment, please click here (pdf 550 kb)

Project information

Project team

Sebastian Henn (project management), Sophie Golinski


Philipps University Marburg, Department of Geography; PCG GmbH Essen 

Duration of project

01/2013 – 06/2015

Funded by

Hans Böckler Foundation

Further information

Sophie Golinski
Tel.: +49 341 600 55-170


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