Cross-border cooperation in the field of vocational training

An analysis of good practices in German border regions

The border regions in Saxony and Lower Silesia (Poland) are challenged to overcome the economic disadvantages of their peripheral location within their own national context by intensifying cross-border activities to their neighbouring regions. One area of intervention consists in the establishment of a joint labour market including cooperation in the field of vocational training. The Lower Silesian Voivodeship and the Saxon State Ministry of the Interior pursue the strategic goal of promoting cross-border programmes for a joint vocational training (further information).

The IfL was commissioned with a study which aimed at the identification of good practices in this field in other German border regions. The main research questions were:

  • Which barriers inhibit successful cooperation in the field of cross-border vocational training? Which factors are important for success?
  • Which key actors are relevant for successful cooperation?
  • How can cross-border training schemes be institutionalised in a long-term perspective? What organisational structures between key actors have proved successful?
  • How can training schemes successfully be implemented in a border-crossing way? What models exist for combining the German dual approach (school education and training in companies) with a bi-national approach?
  • What lessons can be learnt for setting up new cross-border training schemes in the Saxon-Polish border region? Which good practices can be transferred?


Final Report (pdf 1 mb)

The final results were presented on 26 February 2015 during the event "Gemeinsam für den Grenzraum Niederschlesien-Sachsen" at the Saxon State Ministry of he Interior in Dresden.

Project information

Project team

Joachim Burdack, Sebastian Henn, Robert Nadler

Duration of project


Funded by

Saxon State Ministry of the Interior

Further information

Robert Nadler
Tel.: +49 341 600 55-140


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