IfL Research Workshop

Concepts and methods in spatial research

The format IfL Forschungswerkstatt (IfL Research Workshop) offers a continuous forum for discussions on methodical, methodological and conceptual aspects. It is the proclaimed aim of the event series to further deepen the debates on these issues within the field of Geography and its neighbouring disciplines. The events are based on the active involvement of all participants. This regards a lively exchange on problems of research practice as well as experimenting with new methods in the field. To meet these ideas, Discussion Forums and ExperiSpaces were developed as the core elements of the yearly events.


IfL Forschungswerkstatt #4 – 26/27 March 2018
"The handling of big data in spatial sciences"

IfL Forschungswerkstatt #3 – 16/17 March 2017
"Ethical aspects of research with children and adolescents"

IfL Forschungswerkstatt #2 – 3/4 March 2016
"Visual methods and visuality in spacial sciences"

IfL Forschungswerkstatt #1 – 26/27 February 2015
"Approaches in spatial research: observing, reflecting, experimenting"

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Kristine Beurskens, Tim Leibert


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For further information, please contact the workshop coordinators Kristine Beurskens and Tim Leibert:


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