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Landschaften in Deutschland (Landscapes in Germany)

Überschriften von Presseartikeln zu neu erschienenen Bänden von "Landschaften in Deutschland"

The series of books "Landschaften in Deutschland" (Landscapes in Germany) is designed to take the knowledge about the emergence and the current development of selected landscapes in Germany and make them accessible to a broad-based public. The selection of the areas takes current development in area planning as its point of orientation. In the forefront are endeavours to examine landscapes which, in the popular perception, are deemed to be self-contained units in terms of history or of the natural area. The status review in terms of regional studies thus contributes significantly to the discussion about values in the cultural landscape and their significance in society, e.g. for shaping a regional identity.

Against the background of the current renaissance of interest in the regional perspective, the objective is to generate scientifically well-founded insights into the underlying reasons for the dynamics of a landscape. Within the framework of the project, specific impetus is given to innovative strands of research and methods for research into regional studies as an interdisciplinary pursuit, in the areas of obtaining information, presenting it textually and visualising it. 


To the series of books "Landschaften in Deutschland"

Project information

Project team

Haik Thomas Porada, Lisa Merkel


Saxonian Academy of Sciences, Leipzig

Duration of project

Without a time limitation

Further information

Haik Thomas Porada
Tel. +49 341 600 55-146


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