Mobilities and migration

The transformations in Eastern Europe have led to substantial disparities at the subnational level. In particular, rural and formerly industrial areas are increasingly cut off from global economic and social trends. These changes alter mobilities. While the mobility of goods, services and capital are widely promoted, the mobility of people remains selective and subject to various forms of regulation, in particular by border regimes.

The aim of the network project is to illuminate the wider subject area and to develop a state of research in the form of an annotated literature report. Another object is to provide an overview of the institutions and individuals who are currently dealing with the topic of mobility and migration in Eastern Europe. This report will be discussed exhaustively by a group of experts from Germany and from Eastern Europe at a meeting. The result of the project will be published.


Not yet available

Project information

Project team

Tim Leibert, Judith Miggelbrink, Alina Strugut


University of Leipzig

Duration of project


Funded by

Federal Foreign Office

Further information

Judith Miggelbrink, J_Miggelbrink(at)


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