Research area: Geovisualisation

This research area combines regional-geographic research with user-friendly cartographic presentation methods. It focuses on representing the information – in particular, the advancement of thematic maps and atlases of Germany and Europe – in a way that is suitable for the target group. Online visualisations play an increasingly important role in this field. In addition, the research area analyses the effectiveness of different types of visualisation and investigates the future of communication with and via maps.

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The geovisualisation research area has two tasks. Firstly, the IfL seeks to communicate its research findings with the academic world and a wider public through its own maps and graphics, which are combined with texts – frequently in form of atlases. In doing this, cartographers are constantly on the lookout for new display methods and ways of making technical improvements. Challenges emerge, for instance, through new technologies such as the prevalence of mobile visual display units and multi-touch screens. Such technologies are put to practical use in the development of new atlases, a specialist area at the IfL, both in book and electronic form, as well as in designing exhibitions on research findings. On the other hand the IfL repeatedly scrutinises its communication with respect to cartographers and users of its maps and carry out research on the use of maps and map-like visualisations connected to the transfer of knowledge between the scientific and the public spheres and among the wider public itself. An important aspect are the new visual and utilisation habits which are increasingly relevant with respect to the successful transfer of knowledge.

Research projects / products

hin&weg  - Analytical visualization application for they study of urban and regional demographic change 
Digital visualisation of regional geographical information  -  
SpielRäume – Landscape as a Space of Discoveries and Experiences  -  
Experiencing biodiversity  - How natural science benefits from interactive web maps 
Maps of Globalization: The Production and the Visualization of Spatial Knowledge  - Project C5 – Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 1199: Processes of Spatialization under the Global Condition 
Regional inventories  - Landschaften in Deutschland (Landscapes in Germany) 

Completed projects

Democratisation of Expert Knowledge  [completed 04/2018]
New Spaces for Collaboration between Science and Practice in the Social and Spatial Sciences   [completed 08/2017]
Tambora  [completed 04/2016]
Visualising urban dynamics  [completed 09/2015]
Recommendations for safeguarding a “Good Cartographical Practice in the Healthcare System”  [completed 12/2014]
Unknown Territory?  [completed 01/2014]
Living as a Student in Leipzig  [completed 12/2013]
HISCLIDCore  [completed 07/2012]
Science Atlas of the University of Heidelberg  [completed 10/2011]
GLOWA-Elbe  [completed 06/2011]

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