Research area: Geovisualisation

One task of the research area is to link regional geographic research with attractive and user-friendly forms of presentation. The areas of emphasis are as follows: the further development of topic-specific maps of Germany and Europe; the testing-out of innovative techniques in producing atlases specialised according to topic; the technical and didactic further development of electronic and interactive atlas modules; the analysis of the ways in which forms of  visualisation exercise an effect; and the development of target-group-specific forms of presentation in cartography.


Maps of Globalization: The Production and the Visualization of Spatial Knowledge  - Project C05 – Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 1199: Processes of Spatialization under the Global Condition 
Democratisation of Expert Knowledge  - The Production and Use of Maps in New Media Worlds 
New Spaces for Collaboration between Science and Practice in the Social and Spatial Sciences   - New Spaces for Collaboration in Geography and Spatial Sciences – New Media and Intergenerational Learning 
Regional inventories  - Landscapes in Germany 

Completed projects

Tambora  [completed 04/2016]
Visualising urban dynamics  [completed 09/2015]
Recommendations for safeguarding a “Good Cartographical Practice in the Healthcare System”  [completed 12/2014]
Unknown Territory?  [completed 01/2014]
Living as a Student in Leipzig  [completed 12/2013]