Research area: Geovisualisations

Within the framework of practical map production, the research area makes original contributions to spatial visualizations for various media and target groups in respect of knowledge transfer, basic research and empiricial studies. In empirical research, the social significance of maps and cartographic representations is taken into consideration. Furthermore, the research area develops and maintains methods of geovisual communication and provides for basic research infrastructures of the IfL.


Names change, places too. The challenge of developing geodata-based gazetteer research technologies and methods
"hin&weg" – Analytical visualization application for they study of urban and regional demographic change
Experiencing biodiversity
Maps and atlases as mediators and producers of space (knowledge) under the global condition

Completed projects

Maps of Globalization: The Production and the Visualization of Spatial Knowledge
Democratisation of Expert Knowledge
New Spaces for Collaboration between Science and Practice in the Social and Spatial Sciences

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