Research group: Mobilities and migration

Foto: © Lela Rekhviashvili

The research group is working on spatial mobility in its broadest terms: participation in traffic, everyday movements, commuting, in- and outmigration, as well as return migration. We focus on questions of access to and negotiations of mobility, on infrastructures which enable or preclude mobility, and on biographical approaches to mobility decisions. Based on theories of the mobilities turn in social sciences, the group is also increasingly turning towards the mobility of goods, concepts, practices, ideas and data. We pay particular attention to the mutual interdependencies of mobilities and power relations, e.g. looking on justice issues, but also on the interplay between mobility and socio-spatial inclusion and exclusion processes, socially embedded norms and gendered social practices.


Public transport as public space in European cities: Narrating, experiencing, contesting (PUTSPACE)
ARRIVAL REGIONS – Exploring social innovation approaches for the social and economic integration of non-EU nationals
IfL Research Workshop
Interko2 – Integrated living space concept in metropolitan areas
Survival strategies and new spatial formats in former mining towns at the post-Soviet peripheries
GeoEtiology – Adolescents everyday mobility and spatial perception in urban contexts

Completed projects

Potentials of immigration for a sustainable regional development in Saxony-Anhalt
Arrival Regions
Future Strategies of North Saxony
Long-term supply and mobility in rural areas
Fluid mobilities for cities in transformation
Artefacts of mobility, artefacts of power

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