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SEMIGRA - The research Project was intended to provide insights into the reasons for and effects of the one-sided out-migration of women from rural regions in Europe, aiming to improve concepts for spatial and regional development taking age- and gender-specific aspects into account.
Residential decision-making in polycentric city regions
Robinson, van de Velde, and German Holy Land Cartography in the mid-19th Century
Between gentrification and decay
Within a “ring of secure third countries”
Living as a Student in Leipzig
DERREG - Focus: developing an interpretative model for better anticipating and responding to challenges for regional development in an evolving internationalisation.
Science Atlas of the University of Heidelberg
Ecological Network in Bulgaria
Pre-IBA 2020 - Focus: conceptional contributions to an IBA 2020
Border Area between Saxony and the Czech Republic
Regional inventories
History of the DVAG
European and African Spatial Knowledge - Focus: maps as a medium of intercultural knowledge transfer between Europe and Africa in an early phase of globalisation
Digital Atlas of Geopolitical Imaginaries of Eastern Central Europe
Artefacts of mobility, artefacts of power
Power Technologies’ Productions of Space - Focus: Present-day conflicts on space and resources that in the same time are conflicts between indigenous and state territoriality
Innovative Cohesion Policies in Central and Eastern Europe (iCope)
New Polish Migration to Germany – local perspectives
Geographies at the edges of the European project
Maps of globalisation: The Production and the visualisation of spatial knowledge
Mapping the world
Deutschland zwischen Reurbanisierung und demographischer Schrumpfung
Unknown Territory?
KULUNDA – How to prevent the next "Global Dust Bowl"?
Recommendations for safeguarding a “Good Cartographical Practice in the Healthcare System”
Social change and the development of neighborhoods
Groupement de recherche international
Sofia – future city: green, mobile and attractive for living
Mobility and labour market interdependencies in the EURES-TriRegio-Region
Discourse and practices in shrinking regions
Socio-economic and Political Responses to Regional Polarisation in Central and Eastern Europe – RegPol²
Local networks of small towns in Eastern Europe
Democratisation of Expert Knowledge
New Spaces for Collaboration between Science and Practice in the Social and Spatial Sciences
Cross-border cooperation in the field of vocational training
Visualising urban dynamics
Relational perspectives on innovation activities of firms from peripheral regions
Fluid mobilities for cities in transformation
Leipzig 2030 – open-minded, sustainable, growing
Mining Cities in Central Asia and the South Caucasus
Framing the governance of core-periphery relations in Germany and Romania
“Our Field is the World”: Geographical Societies 1821–1914 in International Comparison
Mobilities and migration
Peripheral but global: World market leaders outside of agglomerations
Border Transcending Assemblages of Medical Practices
Interko2 – Integrated living space concept in metropolitan areas
Narrative, Aesthetic, and Cartographic Space around 1850
Shifting paradigms
Industrial Heritage, Cultural Resources of Current Industries and Creative Pioneers – InduCult2.0
Leitlinien der (quantitativen) Wanderungsforschung am IfL
Locally stranded, globally embedded
Former Soviet Union: Mobilities and Migration
Potentials of immigration for a sustainable regional development in Saxony-Anhalt
Long-term supply and mobility in rural areas
Social entrepreneurship in structurally weak rural areas: innovative troubleshooters in action (RurAction)
Arrival Regions
Future Strategies of North Saxony
IfL Research Workshop
Cities after decline: small city revival in the USA and Russia
Hidden Champions – Stabilisation and development factors of small towns in peripheral regions
Experiencing biodiversity
SpielRäume – Landscape as a Space of Discoveries and Experiences
Digital visualisation of regional geographical information
Agents of change in old-industrial regions in Europe
Survival strategies and new spatial formats in former mining towns at the post-Soviet peripheries
Local democracy in small and medium-sized cities under the conditions of peripheralization
Deutsche und französische Geographie: histoire croisée
GeoEtiology – Adolescents everyday mobility and spatial perception in urban contexts
(In-)Security at the internal Schengen border
The everyday experiences of young refugees and asylumseekers in public spaces (EYERASPS)
Broadening horizons, Changing perspectives



16.06.2019 to 19.06.2019, Trondeim, Norwegen

Nordic Geographers Meeting 2019

Regional development paths and cultural representations of the "European refugee crisis" are in the focus of the... 

11.09.2019 to 13.09.2019, Lublin, Polen

2019 RSA Central and Eastern Europe Conference

CEE Conference of the Regional Studies Association discusses new policy approaches against the growing gap between... 

25.11.2019, Leipzig

Making sense of diverse spatialities of innovation

IfL workshop in the context of the Collaborative Research Centre “Processes of Spatialization under the Global... 


Dallywater, Lena (Herausgeber/-in) / Saunders, Christopher C. (Herausgeber/-in) / Fonseca, Helder Adegar (Herausgeber/-in)
Southern African liberation movements and the global cold war 'East’ : transnational activism 1960-1990. -
Berlin, De Gruyter Oldenbourg. 300 Seiten (Dialectics of the global ; 4)
Graffenberger, Martin
Großstadt top! Kleinstadt Flop? : Zur Zentrumsfixierung in gängigen Innovationsdebatten. -
In: Unternehmen Region, 2019, 1, Seite 38-40
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