The production of space: state and society

Politics, institutions and governmental self-conception have a considerable influence on our everyday lives – when parts of state sovereignty are transferred to the EU, for instance, or supranational treaties place previously regional labour markets in international contexts. Such phenomena change governmental and social regulations in concrete spaces. This research area highlights that such spaces are produced socially and investigates which role space plays in such negotiation processes.

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Politics, institutions and state identity greatly influence our day-to-day lives. We notice this, for example, when the familiar correlation of state, territory and sovereignty comes undone after parts of state sovereignty are transferred to the European Union. Or when supranational agreements facilitate new kinds of transnational investments, adding an international dimension to job markets that were previously only influenced at local or regional level. The general public usually puts these types of changes down to „the economy“ or „the law“. The fact that they result in changes to state and social regulations in specifically defined regions often goes unnoticed. The research area that looks at the production of space relative to state and society highlights the fact that such spaces are produced socially while enquiring after the role that „space“ plays in these types of negotiation processes. The research area examines the production of new types of spaces and of new relationships between the state and society in a given space in Germany‘s structurally weak regions as well as along the European Union‘s eastern external frontier.

Research projects

Within a “ring of secure third countries”  - Regional and local effects of the extraterritorial engagement of the European Union in Belarus, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova 
IMAJINE  - Integrative Mechanisms for Addressing Spatial Justice and Territorial Inequalities in Europe 
NATURVATION  - Nature-based solutions for a sustainable urban development in Europe 
Locally stranded, globally embedded  - Dealing with diversity on the margins of the postmigrant city. A comparison between Munich and Leipzig 
Border Transcending Assemblages of Medical Practices  - Project B05 – Collaborative Research Centre (SFB) 1199: Processes of Spatialization under the Global Condition 
Fluid mobilities for cities in transformation  - Spatial dynamics of marshrutkas in Central Asia and the Caucasus 
IfL Research Workshop  - Concepts and methods in spatial research 

Completed projects

Artefacts of mobility, artefacts of power  [completed 12/2016]
Former Soviet Union: Mobilities and Migration  [completed 11/2016]
Discourse and practices in shrinking regions  [completed 09/2016]
Mobilities and migration  [completed 12/2015]
BRICINVEST  [completed 06/2015]
Sofia – future city: green, mobile and attractive for living  [completed 04/2015]
Power Technologies’ Productions of Space  [completed 06/2012]
Geographies at the edges of the European project  [completed 12/2009]

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